This is a mix I performed using the MTA 990 analog desk in UHI’s Eastlake 3 studio.

The source multitrack files came from the Cambridge MT website.  The song is Prodigal by the band  Starnes and Shah.  These multitracks are provided for educational purposes.

In reality this is a hybrid mix, rather than being a full analog mix as the source material was on Pro Tools and it as mixed back to Pro Tools.  Reverb effects were also applied in ProTools as there was no external reverb unit in Eastlake 3 at the time I was using it.


“Prodigal” by Starnes and Shah. Mixed, but not mastered.

Reflecting on this mix, I think I’ve well over-emphasised the snare drum.  I may be able to tune this down during mastering for this song.

Compared to carrying out an ‘In the Box’ mix, the difficulty with using the MTA990 anaog desk is that nothing is saved in the configuration of the mix.  Accordingly, if I shold wish to redo this it is almost as starting from scratch.  Although having all the faders available on a large desk for balancing each track, I’m not sure the disadvantage of having to start from almost scratch is worth it. 

The Pro Tools session for “Prodigal”