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Hearing and Listening….

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…are not the same.  We hear everything, all the time. We can’t stop hearing. But we have to choose to listen.

“Aité fuiam” – is the Gaelic phrase which means “Welcome to the place of sounds, the place of noise”. It seems like an appropriate name for a Sound Engineer’s website.  Be ready to get your headphones on to listen to the audio clips which appear on this site.  Read the blogs and updates too. And enjoy the “Fuiam” 

“All You Need is Ears” — George Martin

Coming back to life….

It’s been a while since I updated anything on this blog…. But prepare for more!! Lot’s of interesting observations over the summer of 2019, many related to live music at the Rewind Festival @ Scone Palace and the Cognac Blues Festival. Others from helping a firned with the acoustic properties in her companies offices.

And… it’s back to University time for further studies in Audio Engineering.

Happy days!!

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