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I’ll be making a series of posts as a Project Log for an albums worth of songs I’m recording and producing. This post is a simple introduction and placeholder for those that will follow. The Album is to be called “Crystal Skies” and all future posts about it will be tagged with “Crystal Skies” .

The songs have been written and recorded by a friend, as demos using a Boss BR800 desk-top multitrack recorder. He has generously allowed me free reign to take the songs from his demos to fully produced, fit for commercial release songs. So no pressure there then! This project will also be used as part of my Degree studies at UHI.


Game of Thrones & Sgt Pepper’s – How many tracks?

Back in 1967 The Beatles, along with George Martin and the technical geniuses at EMI’s Abbey Road Studios recorded Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club. At the time they used all the technology at their disposal – on the 4 Track tape machines which were in the studio. They used a couple of these machines so probably had 8 or 12 tracks available to them. Go back and listen to this work of genius and listen carefully to how many instruments, harmonies and layers you can hear. Recorded on 4-track tape….

Fast forward to now, and Game of Thrones on the TV. Watch this video……

720 tracks!!! Wow!!


Google vs Apple – The Future of Music Recording is in our Hands!!

Apple has long ruled the roost with lightweight recording tools with their Garageband. Now, it looks like Google are preparing to take the fight to them with their Bandlab application for Android devices. I’m not sure quite what it does though. Is it like Soundcloud? (Note – don’t do what I did and try running Bandlab in a Firefox browser. It’s a Chrome App) So, fires up Chrome……. And opens a full multi-track recorded with midi editing capabilities. Oh wow.

In two minutes I’d made a really simple drum part (loads of kits and sounds available) and two keyboard parts. The software autodetected my Impact LX midi controller keyboard.

You can see three tracks and the midi editor in the image above.

If you choose to add a track you get this –

So, I chose to add a guitar. It gave me choices…… for the effects I wanted to add.

Here’s the list of effects offered. And the list of guitar amps

There’s got to be some good sounds in there somewhere

I chose “Pop Rhythm” and got this –

Extraordinary !!

But It didn’t detect my Steinberg audio Interface. So no guitar signals going in….

But….. I opened it on my phone and could edit it all there….

More reviews of this to follow on another day, This looks to me like Google are taking on Apple!

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