…or Digital Audio Workstations….

The DAW of choice for UHI is ProTools from Avid.  Within the sylabus we ere shown how to use Pro Tools to create multitrack recordings and mixes.  This makes perfect sense for anyone seeking a career in professional audio as ProTools is the industry standard application.  Every studio, every broadcaster uses ProTools.  The image below shows the arrange window of the ProTools session for the first audio asignment we were set.

As this ection of the course was on the run-up to Christmas I chose to compse a ditty and called it “It’ll be No One by Christmas”.   It used a combination of directly recorded guitars, sampled drum beats and voices, played in midi synths and keyboards.  It can be listened to below….  (not sure I recommend that though…) .  It was

Within my Home Studio “Fuaim” I use an alternative DAW –  PreSonus Studio One Pro 4.  It’s a programme I’ve used for seeral years, having previously used Reaper, Cubase, Cakewalk and other DAWs.  Most of the work I’ve done for the course has therefore been done in PreSonus Studio One Pro.  My multitrack ‘in the box’ mix was done using Studio One Pro, as were all the audio tracks for the short film  “Connected”.

The Arrange screen in Studio One Pro for “Pray For The Rain” by Nerve 9, my “In the Box” mix

Further audio will be added over the next week when I ca acces UHI computers to download my second analog mix.