Back in February we were tasked with creating a GANTT chart to indicate our plans for this session of the course.  The GANTT is submitted can be found here. 

Within the GU we were shown Gibbs Reflective Cycle, I will now use it to look back at the tasks I put into my GANTT.

GANTT Milestones

These are the tasks an milestones which I put in.

Graded Unit         
Understanding the  Brief Low Risk 90% 19/02/2019 10
Developing a Covering Letter On Track 100% 14/02/2019 1
Developing a CV On Track 100% 14/02/2019 1
Developing a website  Low Risk 50% 13/02/2019 20
Managing project  On Track 5% 19/02/2019 60
LO2 re-boot On Track 100% 20/02/2019 1
LO3 Room Acoustics On Track 0% 27/02/2019 20
LO2 Test  Milestone 0% 13/03/2019 1
LO3 Room Acoustics On Track 0% 20/03/2019 20
LO3 Test  Milestone 0% 15/04/2019 1
Audio for Multimedia         
Select  movie Milestone   04/02/2019 1
Create SPOT On Track   07/02/2019 14
Create Plan On Track   07/02/2019 14
Research sound libraries Low Risk   20/02/2019 3
Record Foley sounds On Track   25/02/2019 10
Compose music for multimedia On Track   08/03/2019 10
Compile Audio against multimedia  Low Risk   18/03/2019 19
Sound Production – Mixing        
Practice making dummy mixes On Track 10% 12/02/2019 15
Select multitrack for Mix1  Milestone 0% 26/02/2019 1
Carry out Mix 1 On Track 0% 28/02/2019 5
Select multitrack for  Mix 2 Milestone 0% 12/03/2019 1
Carry out Mix 2 On Track 0% 12/03/2019 10
Select Mix 3 Milestone 0% 26/03/2019 1
carry out Mix 3 On Track 0% 26/03/2019 10

Of these, remarkably every single one of them has been delivered.  However, the GANTT chart concluded at the End of April and some of them have only been completed within the past two weeks, hence beyond the projected times.  

My feelings on this are that I got the Project Management and Project Planning just about right.  Part of the reasons for delays have been due to circumstances outside my control – the strike actions by lecturers cause a delay to our Acoustics classes.

Evaluating my delivery against this plan has been satisfactory.

This is the analysis step. 

A logical conclusion is that I am operating within my comfort zones, in planning and delivery against the plan.

No remedial actions are required at this time.