Part of the learning for the Sound Engineering course is learning how to mix a song, both “In the Box” (completely within the DAW) and using the analog mixing desks in the Eastlake Studios at UHI Perth.

By choosing one of the menu options in this section you can both hear, and read how I carried out an “In The Box” mix and an Analog Mix.

The In The Box mix was carried out using my equipment at my home studio – Fuaim Studios. The equipment here is:

  • PreSonus Studio One Pro 4 Digital Audio Workstation
  • Windows 10 Pro OS, on an Intel Core I3 based PC
  • 2x Dell 2408 hi-res monitors
  • StudioSpares Classic SN10 Monitors
  • Samson Servo 120 amplifier
  • Steinberg audio interface
  • Headphones – Koss Pro4 AAA, Sony MDR7506 and others

Fuaim Studios workspace.

Multitrack Mixing

UHI has a library of multitrack songs which I was able to use to practice my initial mixing with.  As most of these are well known or famous songs I’ve published any of my mixes.  Rest assured – remixing Killer Queen by Queen, Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin, Ain’t No Mountain High enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Tyrrel was certainly educational!  There may also be copyright issues if I were to publish them.

The multitracks which I’ve used as submissions were taken from the Cambridge MT website – here.    These are freely provided for educational purposes.