A recent assignment from my Audio Engineering degree course at UHI Perth was to create a Sound Library and then use those sounds with a short silent movie. Following the links on this page will open new tabs or windows on your machine which will show the files as I have stored them on my OneDrive.

Sound Library
There are approximately 80 sound clips available here . I’m happy for these to be used by anyone who stumbles across them under a Creative Commons licence.

These were recorded using a Zoom H4n Handy Recorder. When choosing what to record I had in mind the sound design which I would be doing for the video. Many of the sound clips were recorded not to be used on their own, but because I could imagine how they would sound when I manipulated them with a software sampler. In this way, they were used as layers within sounds I created. The sound clips were ‘topped and tailed’ in PreSonus Studio One Pro. The image below is a screenshot of the clips being manipulated. A larger version of the image can be seen here.

Movie Clip

We were given a movie clip and asked to a) create a sound design for it and b) edit it down from it’s 3:50s duration to approximately 1 minute.
I chose to interpret the video as an advert. Not for any product in particular, simply to create a short and, hopefully, memorable video.
Click here
for it to open in a new window. It’s approximately 60 seconds, take from it what you wish.

An important stage in sound design is to create a spot sheet. This is a way of working out what sound is required at what points in the movie. My spot sheet can be found here.